Core department services

Microscopic skin examination
Botox injections
Foot Health Medical Center
Specialized doctors in the field provide services in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin diseases with the introduction of dermatological and cosmetic applications in light of the latest types of technological innovations.
Dermatology services
Hair loss
Ingrown nails
Effects of acne and pimples
Oral and mucous membrane diseases
Flesh nail (fish eye)
Medal disease
Pityriasis rosea
Sun spots, pregnancy and aging
Treating sexually transmitted diseases
Follow-up of birthmarks and their removal
Skin infections
Underarm sweating treatments
Dermatological applications in the Dermatology Unit
Electrotherapy, cryotherapy
Fillers applications
Botox applications
Mesotherapy treatment for hair and body
Facial Mesotherapy (Mesotherapy Lift)
PRP applications
Exfoliating applications
Derma roller applications
Hand and Foot Care Center (Podiatry)
Fisheye care
Take care of fungi
Take care of warts
Cracked heels
Caring for ingrown nails (infection)
Care for nails growing toward the flesh
Foot care in diabetes
Care for nail disorders
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