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Hospital Departments



IVF in Turkey is the most advanced treatment for fertility and reproductive problems, so our goal is to provide you with an overview of what can be expected about the cost of IVF in Turkey, how to do the operation, and the latest technologies that we provide to solve problems of delayed and reproductive difficulties.


Doctor close-up of a doctor showing a picture of a kidney on a tablet in a hospital

A liver transplant in Turkey can help save your life when the liver is not working. Treatment includes the surgical removal of the entire kidney. Then it is replaced with all or part of the healthy donor liver. A transplanted liver may come from a living or deceased donor.
A healthy liver is essential for longevity because the liver is responsible for filtering blood and removing toxins from the body.

Dental Health

Tooth human implant. Dental implantation concept. Human teeth or dentures anddental tools. 3d illustration

The beautiful smile is a very important element in social life, everyone wants to become the owner of a beautiful smile, the aim of cosmetic dentistry and smile correction is to get rid of the problems of the mouth and the shape of the teeth

General Surgery

Close-up Of Female Hands Measuring Fat Belly With Fat Caliper

Sleeve gastrectomy is an option for patients who are severely ill or ineligible to undergo further bariatric procedures. It can be a stand-alone surgery or the first part of a two-step procedure that involves subsequent surgery such as gastric bypass to lose the remaining extra weight of an individual.

Cardiac Surgery


In our society, the expansion of the age group for which it is possible to perform coronary vascular replacement surgery has increased. These operations can be performed at international standards and safely thanks to the modern technologies and devices used thanks to the experience gained from performing this type of operation.